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Much as we would like to, we cannot keep all our kittens so we occasionally have Maine Coon kittens available.  We have the final say on any new home for our kittens.

Our prefix, Spirritz, is registered in GCCF, TICA and CFA.  As of 2021 we are also registered with FIFE as SpirritzUK.  All kittens are registered, in the cost of raising kittens this is a minimal expense.  Some say that they are not interested in paperwork as it's only a pet, they are wrong!  The Registration Document is a guarantee that you have bought a purebred Maine Coon.

​All kittens are raised in our home, they are born in our bedroom/kitten room where they remain until after their first vaccinations when they are then allowed the run of the house and introduced to our other cats and our dog.

Our kittens are for indoor only homes, they leave us with registration papers, pedigree, a bag of food, toys and a lifelong commitment of advice and support from us.  We will always take back any kittens bred by us!

They are fully weaned, litter trained, receive a full course of Flu and Enteritis vaccinations, are micro-chipped and neutered when they leave at 16 weeks of age.   We rarely sell breeding cats and only to those breeders that we know very well.

Reservations are only taken after you have been to visit us, at which time a deposit of £200 is payable. Visits will be arranged after they have received their first vaccinations at 9/10 weeks of age. 

Deposits are non-refundable unless for whatever reason we are unable to provide a kitten.

Click here to email us.  It is much appreciated if you take time to introduce yourselves, family and other pets.

Please note that our kittens require company, they do not like being left by themselves for 8 hours a day.

We also have a Facebook group, Spirritz Maine Coons, where we post news, photos and videos of our cats and kittens.  We can be found at


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